Whether you are planning to take a vacation in Mexico this September or you are already there, you’ll probably find out that this month is the most Mexican of them all. It’s time to celebrate their Independence!

That’s right! Mexican hats, tons of tequila shots and theme parties are about to explode in a big celebration full of culture, music and fun!

To put you in context, September 16 – the Mexican Independence Day, commemorates the beginning of the war in the year of 1810 when Mexico got its Independence. Eventually, it became a national party where everyone’s involved.

And if you are wondering how to be included in these festivities, no worries! We have the perfect advises, so you can party like a true Mexican and shout out loud… Viva Mexico!

1.Make reservations for dinner at your resort

What a better way to be part of a celebration than to eat traditional food? Usually, the resorts throw parties where you can find delicious food, such as Pozole, Chile en Nogada, Chips with Guacamole or the world-famous Mexican Tacos!

4.Drinks are never left aside

Mexico is known around the world for good drinks, and of course, these are not missing this celebration! The main and most popular beverages are beer, tequila and mezcal, nonetheless be careful in your drinking unless you want to be hangover the next morning!

5.Book an incredible and fun photoshoot

Besides all the previous tips, if you want to take back home the memories of your vacation, the best thing to do is to book a photo session with us. Our service is guaranteed since we are the official vendors in many resorts.


2. Buy accessories according to the occasion

Eating traditional food is just the beginning… This day, all sorts of decorations can be found for sale in the streets. These items are Mexican flags, Tricolor face paint, balloons in green, white and red, paper lanterns and much more! No matter what you buy, the important thing is to have something to the Mexican style.

3. Dress up with typical garments

Just like any other country, Mexico has typical garments such as Mexican hats, Guayaberas, Ponchos, Huipil or Rebozos; you have an entire variety from where to choose, so go shopping and get ready to party!

So get ready, prepare your best outfit and turn on your party mood, but above all… enjoy this magical time in the Mayan Riviera with your best memories taken by our photographers during your stay.




We recommend you to follow all the sanitary protocols for a safe tourism. 

At Photopro we help you by giving you 3 simple tips to make your vacations a success:

Taking the decision of traveling during 2021 implies a huge responsibility for travelers, even before thinking about traveling you should verify the conditions and policies of the place you are going to, airline protocols, hotel reservation guarantee, etc.


1. Anticipate the purchase of your flight

Buy your tickets one month in advance. 

This will give you time to make any changes due to any restrictions if necessary, so you will not put your vacations at risk.


2. Choose the best tourist destinations 2021

According to several sources (Forbes, travel blogs, Google, among others) Mexico is considered one of the best tourist destinations to travel to in 2021, here are the main places that follow all the sanitary measures:

  1. Cancun
  2. Riviera Maya / Tulum / Playa del Carmen
  3. Los Cabos
  4. Puerto Vallarta / Nuevo Vallarta / Riviera Nayarit
  5. Mazatlan 

3. Choose the best hotel

When you are choosing which resort you will stay at, you should consider the reviews that others have written about the place you are planning to visit, that is why we leave you a list of Hotel Reviews.